Yesterday I visited the staatsloterij-website to see if had won the lottery this year. After submitting the code from my ticket in the form, the website started an animation. The input dialog remained static on the screen but the rest of the page begin to scroll down. First the movement was slow, but a little later all the prizes slided gently below my input form. A small opening in the dialog showed the prize money matching my lottery-number. I felt really exited because of how I was being drawn into this wheel of fortune. The built-in, moment of suspense was really wel executed and in a brief moment I felt like being in a quiz-show. At the end of the 5 second animation the opening stopped at the amount you just won…

This is the animation when you’re not winning.

Of course the system knew instantly if I had won, and I’ve could have just scrolled down to compare the numbers myself, but this animation really brought added value to the experience. The timing and animation made it fun! The design is also smart enough to show it when you screen size is big enough. The same page on a mobile device does have a “counter”- but shows you only what you need. Smart implementation! Mobile variation:

Mobile variation

When you’re a winner, the website shows you different illustrations depending on the amount you’ve just won. When winning the jackpot they even show an animation. Cool dynamic design! Also it’s a really nice touch that the suggestion for spending you prize is focussed on having fun with your friends! The extra “upsell-variations” are pushing it, but overall the design is well executed.

Check out some Win – illustrations:

Win - illustrations

Jackpot! including animation:

Did I win? No…, but I’d might just buy another ticket the next time to relive this exciting moment.