My experience is that the wording that is used in an interface can have enormous impact on the usable. The choice of words within one digital application can be creative, as long as it is consistently applied. Because there is no consensus on how certain actions are named, thing can get complicated. As a user you interact with multiple interfaces each day and when the wording for the same action changes per application, it can get difficult. Each term has a different feeling, so I can imagine that the context of the website can influence on how you label certain interactions. Here are some varieties I came across so far to highlight the lack of consensus:

Wording variations
Website Name for "sign in" Name for "create account"
IMDB Sign in Create new account
Amazon Sign in Create account
Uber Sign in Sign Up
Airbnb Log in Sign Up
Delta Log in Sign Up
NY times Log in Subscribe
Google Sign in Create Account
Spotify Log In Sign Up
Ebay Sign In Register
Reddit Log in Sign up
Etsy Sign in Register
Kickstarter Sign in / Log in Sign up
Wikipedia Log in Create account
Dropbox Sign in Sign up
Facebook Log In Create an account / Sign Up
Flickr Log In Sign Up
Twitter Log in Sign up
Instagram Log in Sign up
Snapchat Log In Sign up
Vimeo Log in Join
Soundcloud Sign in Create account
Wordpress Log In Sign Up
Yahoo Sign in Sign up
VK.com Log in Sign up
Windows live Sign in Create account
LinkedIn Sign in Sign up / Join now
Netflix Sign In / Login with Facebook Sign Up
Imgur sign in sign up
Tumblr Log in Sign up
Stack Overflow Log In Sign up
Twitch Log In Sign up
GitHub Sign in Sign up
Pinterest Log in Sign up
PayPal Log In Sign Up
BBC Sign in Register
Craigslist Log in Create account
Booking.com Sign in Register
Walmart Sign In Create an Account
Samsung Log In Sign Up
Dribble Sign in Sign up

Wouldn't it be easier if we could use one term for a "Sign in"-functionality across all websites? The user is necessarily "lost", but some consistency would definitely help.