Conversational interface

Wwhen is an interface a "conversational" one? It seems that "talking" with your interface is becoming the trending solution for optimizing services. The primary input method has always been typing answers in a box, but filling  in a form is seldom a pleasurable experience. Mostly this is process-driven input, since the answers need to be a in a specific format. It's kind of similar when you order food at a drivetrough restaurant. The respons needs to be in the correct sequence, otherwise the cashier can't process your order.  because  Having a conversation is ofcourse a prefamuch more personalmight be the  her Where talking is the prefered way Star trek was, like always; way ahead with these ideas One very functional application of artificial intelligence is that the system processes the speach into something understandable. Is the criteria that you can input tekst by voice. Is the focus on the feeling, or simulation of a person. How does the system handle different formatted input. using whatsapp, but slow chatting Using the right copy to create the feeling of a personal conversation. Chatbot Siri Now what are we designing when we build a conversational interface?

  • Story (context) in stead of form
  • Non linear replaces a fixed sequence
  • Tone of voice in stead of labels
  • Interpretation instead of validation