Qr here

In the head office of Etihad, near the elevator, I saw a sign with the title "Current location" and a QR code on it. Luckily some instructions were included and read the following: "Scan with any QE reader to open a map with your location". I've never seen this kind of location info before, but I guess it guides visitors in finding the right room in the building.

QR code next to the elevator

Of course I tried it and when scanning the code, you are re-directed to a webpage that displays a map of the building and highlights the position where you scanned the code.

Map displayed on the Etihad website to help you find your way

The QR code works fine but is basicly a map that could have been shown right there on the wall. However, from a context perspective I guess the added value would be that you can take this map with you while you search for the right location. The location pin remains static, but a digital static map is better than no map at all.