Hijacking of the mind

The new Facebook privacy settings are for a lot of people a trigger to rethink why they are actually are on this social network. Most people I talk to, use it to connect to their “friends”, but the endless irrelevant content they scroll through every day does not really make their friendships more valuable. Our timelines are filled with people we barely know and companies we just liked because of some “free” product. And now with the “new rules” we provide these companies with even more data, giving them new opportunities to stalk us with stuff we don’t need.

Facebook - Get a life

From a business standpunt I think it’s just very smart thinking and it actually could be a new source to become more relevant for the users. As a company you want people to like you; these people will buy your product and might even talk about it with their friends. That strategy remains very important. I buy it because I like the product and love the brand. To get to that level you have to follow your audience. Be where they are. Today it’s Facebook, Tomorrow it’s Instagram, next week it’s….