I like big books

The local library in Dordrecht is doing really well in the marketing departement. The first associations with a library are probably not “hip” and “happening” but the library in my hometown proved me wrong. Compared to other companies they’re doing a pretty good job in keeping their target audience connected. Bibliotheek Aanzet is working their brand from different angles and hit the street to connect offline to the online channel.

The library sprayed the hashtag #verhalenopstraat on the sidewalks in the city to get their audience connected on twitter. It might not be the next revolution, but considering the organisation is a little traditional, this is a big step.

I first was confronted with orange saddle covers. They put them on every bike near the station; Nice to see all of the orange saddles and at the same time a great way to get some attention for the library. Free is always good; and in this case pretty handy as well.

The library put up stickers through-out the city that give a nice twist on a classic rap-song; “I like big books and I cannot lie“. I like the fact that there is no direct promotion or follow-up communicated; it’s just about making someone smile.

This summer the library introduced the concept of miniature libraries called “Mini-Bieb” and placed these small book closets in popular cafe’s and restaurant in Dordrecht. People can sit doen and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a nice book. The idea wasn’t new (mini library) but still very cool to see how it’s successfully implemented by the marketing department. All of these marketing efforts were part of a series of summer promotions to get some positive attention towards the local library and to get people reading. The activities might not always be the most creative idea ever, but they are working hard and do manage to put themselves out there! They reach to their on- and offline audience in a fun, positive and personal way and I think that’s when marketing can really make an impact.