Tech drives a brand

Brands are not defined by their logo, font or colors, it's all bout behaviour and more than ever, the technology can drive this behaviour. @Mike Rigby from RGA showcased a project at The Next Web conference (2018) that rebranded the boxing sport. Inspired by the passion and dedication of the boxers he created a new identity for the sport.

Mike Rigby presents a case at the Next Web conference about how tech can boost a brand

The concept of wiring the fighters and their fighting gloves with all sorts of sensors gave the sport a whole new dimension. The physical demand and effort of the athletes were now visualised and boosted the brand. You see this happening in other sports like Formula 1 and the Volvo ocean race as well, but introducing it in a contact sport is something entirely new.

The boxing ring is where it all happens and the four ropes that form the arena became the new foundation of the brand. Everything inside the ring, the match, the energy, the emotion, the physical energy, the winning and the losing, was the core of the identity. All of the visual elements were designed to highlight that attitude and lifestyle.